Opensubkey returns null windows 7

2020-02-17 21:23 Feb 20, 2010 I have a. net framework 2. 0 project that creates registry keys in a Windows 7 registry. It writes the keys successfully and it also can read from the registry keys it created. The problem I am having is when another application I wrote tries to read the registry keys the GetValue method return null.

Security: : Registry OpenSubKey Returns Null? Sep 2, 2010. It seemed to be the right place to post to. My problem is that when I try to read registry key, I get null value, even if it exists (regedit shows it exists). Application is windows service with Log On As Local System and registry key im trying to read is in my development machine (x64 win7) it opensubkey returns null windows 7 hello, I am having a problem reading the registry. The following line returns NULL. RegistryKey key SOFTWARE\MyCompany ); Windows XP

Thanks Tag: . NET Base Class Library OpenSubKey return null though the key exist. NET Development; 5. NET Permissions Where is the file Directory Adamus Tag: . NET Base Class Library OpenSubKey return null though the key exist. NET Development; 6. GC. Collect() solves OutOfMemoryException I have a memroy leak in a windows forms 2. 0 application, i opensubkey returns null windows 7

Jul 01, 2013 To verify excel installed on my local system; initially I tried using OpenSubKey() method. But it was always returning null, even though I can see the registry key using regedit. exe. I was using a Windows 8, x64 bit OS and the application was developed in VS 2008, Winforms, x86 platform. Mar 22, 2010 c# OpenSubKey problem on 64 bit windows vs 32 bit. I currently have a C# form app that reads a registry setting to find the location of a path, and then once it finds that it does its thing. I designed everything on a 32bit OS and it worked flawlessly. I'm working on a unit testing framework that makes a call to OpenSubKey() from the. NET library. My development system is a Windows 7 64bit environment with Visual Studio 2008 SP1 and the Windows 7 SDK installed. The application we're unit testing is a 32bit application, so the registry is virtualized under When we opensubkey returns null windows 7 How to open a WOW64 registry key from a 64bit. NET application. This behavior breaks in Windows 7Windows Server 2008 R2, returns null. 23. Why is OpenSubKey() returning null on my Windows 7 64bit system? 6. Mar 10, 2007 OpenSubKey return null though the key exist. C# C Sharp Forums on Bytes. lNoRoam\MUICache but it returns me null. Anyone know why is that so? Thanks in advance. Only one point of return; OpenSubKey() return a null value when existing the right key. Getting issue to read registry value. It always returning null Rate this: Please regkey my environment is as OS windows server 2008R5 (64 bit) currentlocation always return null value. Cannot read the registry value C# . I get a null back from this attempt to access the Windows Registry: using (RegistryKey registry keyPath is SOFTWARE\\TestKey. The key is in the registry, so why is it not finding it under the Local Machine hive?

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