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2020-03-30 21:11 Jun 13, 2010 So basically private working set is the subset of working set that specifically describes the amount of memory a process is using that cannot be shared by other processes. Using the Code If you notice the task manager in Vista& Windows 7, window shows Memory (Private Working Set) which is the key thing to consider in case of memory issues.

I know that the working set is the actual amount of memory the process is using and also that private bytes is the amount set aside just in case it needs more. So would I add the two to figure out windows private working set memory Feb 04, 2013 Hi all, I am trying to get a log file to produce Memory (Private Working Set) and Description. But I want to search for specific processes on a Windows 2008 R2 Server. Below I have tested on my laptop but how do I also convert the output to MB or GB. Memory (Private Working Set) and Description GetWMIObject Win32Process Filter Name'w3wp. exe

Memory performance information is available from the memory manager through the system performance counters and through functions such as GetPerformanceInfo, and such as the Windows Task Manager, the Reliability and Performance Monitor, and the Process Explorer tool use performance counters to display memory windows private working set memory

Jul 24, 2010 A working set is not reserved for a single process. When analyzing the memory performance of a process using a tool like Process Explorer (or with Windows Vista or 7 changing the displayed columns in the task manager; see link below how this can be done) it is obvious that the working set size is split into two values, WS Private and WS task manager processes Memory (Private Working Set), increase? what that means? I run my tool. exe and afetr some minutes memory increase to 1, 006 k then to 3, 001 k then 10, 110 k what this means? i use a CLEAN MEMORY tool and after i clean memory and cache my tool. exe process size returns to lower values is that ok? higher or lower values? wich is better? windows private working set memory

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