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2019-11-17 13:42 May 03, 2010 Inspiron 1720 and Windows 7 64 Bit. Drivers? Discussion in 'Dell' started by DR650SE, Mar 29, 2010.

Aug 15, 2014 Dell inspiron 1720 win 7 64 bit cant find a driver to work with wwan 5530. With the laptop being fairly old I see little point contacting dell. Ive done a lot of reading and it appears its due to Dell locking ive tried a few workarounds to no avail. Ive managed to unpack the dell. msi which includes varies. dll inspiron 1720 windows 7 64 bit Dec 29, 2011 I am thinking of installing Windows 7 Home 64 bit on my Dell Inspiron 1720 laptop.

better input driver for win 7 64 bit is R. exe. i was having an annoying lockup and occasional reboot on battery and the dell quickset application under panel brightness and disabling intel DPST on battery mode: has sense solved this issue their may be a setting for this on the standard driver but i inspiron 1720 windows 7 64 bit

Jul 14, 2018 Driver for Inspiron 1720& 1521 running Windows 7 64bit. She uses an external mouse exclusively. I tried the Windows 7 64bit touchpad driver (R ) for the Inspiron 1750. That made the Dell Touchpad tab appear on the Mouse dialog box, but when i click on the External Mouse Setting link it takes me back to the main Mouse dialog box so it doesn't Mar 29, 2010 Dell: : Inspiron 1720 And Windows 7 64 Bit. Drivers Mar 29, 2010. I'm looking to upgrade my 1720 to windows 7 64 bit. Drivers are not listed on the dell site. Only Vista 32bit and Windows XP. I'm looking to go windows 7 since it offers TRIM support for SSDs. I have a spare SSD and was going to put it in the 1720 prior to giving it to my brother. inspiron 1720 windows 7 64 bit

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