Windows explorer freezes windows xp

2020-02-22 03:09 Apr 22, 2016 Explorer crashes or freezes. 1) First and foremost ensure that your Windows is uptodate, and all Windows Updates have been installed. Next, scan your computer for malware. If you have bought a new Windows 1087 laptop, maybe some preinstalled craplets are interfering with explorer. exe. Remove unwanted trialware and decrapify your machine then.

Jun 30, 2008  Last night i noticed a problem with windows explorer, about 5 seconds after i opened anything that uses explorer. exe (eg. my computer, documents etc. ) explorer would freeze, the only way to kill it was to do it through task manager, once it was killed though it windows explorer freezes windows xp XP SP3 Windows Explorer (Not IE) Freezing. My PC boots OK and quickly, but takes ages to display the taskbar. It sits just showing the desktop for 20 minutes I am able to load task manager and can run my browser through task manager OK. When it eventually allows access to the Start menu it will freeze again as I run the mouse over the menu options.

Jul 22, 2005 Archived from groups: (More info? ) I am having my windows explorer freeze whenever I try to use the File drop down windows explorer freezes windows xp

Dec 20, 2015  If File Explorer crashes on startup, go to your Start Screen and launch the run box. On the Run box type cmd and click ok. On the cmd window type SFC SCANNOW and press enter. Windows XP computer freezeups Randomly, my computer (Presario 720 laptop)freezes. It could be while idling , in the middle of a search, or anytime. It seemed to begin when I bought a new Epson CX6400 printer and attached it. Are there any known fixes for this phenomenon? 6. Windows Explorer (explorer. exe) freezes at startup. 7. Jun 29, 2012 The past week the PC just hangs up ONLY when I am trying to do something withint windows xp framework (ie no problems on internet explorer, rather unusual). When I try to access a file, word, excel, photos. . windows explorer freezes windows xp

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