Water bubbles in tinted windows

2019-12-12 16:43 May 15, 2018 Mist the window using roomtemperature water, but do not soak it. Poke a tiny hole in each of the bubbles using a sharp, straight pin, but be careful to not tear the tint film. When the window is warm and damp, use an expired credit card to smooth out the bubbles. Smooth it towards the edges holding it at 45degree angle.

Apr 24, 2007 Got the car tinted on Saturday. . so we're going on Day 3. Still see a bunch of little air bubbles on the side windows. Now from what I've read. . air bubbles after tinting is very normal and the bubbles will eventually dissapate. water bubbles in tinted windows Jul 14, 2009 Got my truck windows tinted professionally yesterday. There are a few bubbles randomly over the windows. The guy told me that they should go away in about 3 days or so. I am just worried because I have heard from different people that if there are bubbles in the tint then the professional didn't do the tint job right. Should I get my money back or will the tint bubbles go away like he said?

Water Bubbles, or blistering, is perfectly normal after window tint installation and should go away over time on its own after the film properly cures. You can tell the difference between water and soap bubbles depending on whether they are the same color from both sides of the film. Whitish, soapy residue indicates airsoap bubbles. water bubbles in tinted windows

Jan 03, 2018  If not, consider these steps for removing bubbles from window tint: Warm the window by placing the car in the sun. Mist the window with roomtemperature water to moisten, but not soak, the window. Poke a tiny hole in each bubble with a straight pin. Make sure the window How can the answer be improved? Dec 07, 2012 Bizzar1. Air bubbles will NOT nor will contamination. These are easier to see from the outside and typically show up as a small white spec. Air (soap) bubbles will get smaller after curing but will not go away and should be redone. Contamination or dirt and fuzz will get larger as the film cures and depending on the severity, should also be redone. water bubbles in tinted windows Puncture the Bubbles. Warm the tint on your vehicles windows by placing it in the sun or by using a hair dryer. Spray a small amount of water onto the surface of the window tint. Apply only enough water to lightly dampen the surface. Use the tip of a small sewing needle to puncture a hole in each air bubble.

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