Ubuntu windows have no title bar

2020-02-24 19:54 Recent versions of XFCE have this builtin. Check out Settings Manager Window Manager Tweaks Accessibility Hide title of windows when maximized. Maximized windows will not have the title bar then, while nonmaximized windows will have it. Tested on ArchLinux, xfce version.

Ubuntu Desktop Effects Fixing the missing titlebar The following tutorial explains how to fix the Compiz Ubuntu Desktop Effects missing titlebar problem. If you've been toying around with Ubuntu 7. 04 and have enabled Desktop Effects Compiz , you might notice that the titlebar or window decorations have ubuntu windows have no title bar Dec 27, 2015 This video show How to show menu window in menu bar or title bar in Ubuntu 14. 04. I use Dell Inspiron 14 3000 Series in this tutorial

The way Ubuntu displays the control elements (File, View, Go. ) for program windows may seems pretty awkward, especially if you are new to Linux. By default the menus for filehandling program are displayed directly into Ubuntu's Menu bar. This tutorial explains how to configure Ubuntu to display the menus directly in title bar of your programs: ubuntu windows have no title bar

Since yesterday, the title bars of windows are missing. I haven't changed any configuration. I noticed 'Desktop Effects' set to none. Changing it back to 'Extra' made everything proper. I had to customize my desktop effects again in CompizConfig manager too. Now this problem reappears after every restart. ubuntu windows have no title bar

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