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2020-04-01 22:04 Apr 21, 2010 Install FruitNinja Theme for All Users. This post and the demonstration comes from a Windows 10 computer, just to show you that the common themes work in Windows 10 as well.

Feb 26, 2018 Themes For All Users? Hi I am wondering how I can make the themes that show up in my personalization screen, under My Themes, show up for all the other users on the computer. I don't want to individually change each theme, I have too many to do that. change windows 7 theme for all users Dec 14, 2010 How to set a Windows 7 custom theme in group policy to apply to all users. Skenny. 175 pts. Tags: Group Policy Microsoft Windows 7. Windows Server 2008 Group Policy Objects. Windows Server 2008 R2. I am trying to set a custom theme to be applied to all computers using Group Policy. I have setup my custom theme in Windows 7 and saved the

Specifies which theme file is applied to the computer the first time a user logs on. If you enable this setting, the theme that you specify will be applied when a new user logs on for the first time. This policy does not prevent the user from changing the theme or any of the theme elements such as the desktop background, window color, sounds, or screen saver after the first logon. change windows 7 theme for all users

Jul 22, 2014  Windows 8Server 2012 Install A Theme for All Users On Windows 7, 8, and Server 2012, themes can be downloaded from Microsoft here and are typically installed on a per user basis in the following directory: How to load a specific theme for new users in Windows 7. Now in the right pane, double click on Load a specific theme. A new window will open. Select Enabled and enter the path of the. theme file youd like to load, in the Options box. Themes are located in folder. Set default wallpaper for all users in Win7? We want to set a company wallpaper as part of the imaging process but we do not want to prevent the end user from being able to change the wallpaper later on if they want to do so. The simple solution is to replace the default windows background, in case when Themes service is running and change windows 7 theme for all users Mar 30, 2002  anyway to change the default theme to Classic for ALL users in Win XP? Theme info is stored in registry. Windows Registry Editor Version 5. 00 Thats all you need to disable themes Jan 09, 2011  UPDATED LINK The process of setting the theme for all users outside of group policy is still tedious in Windows 7. The method I came up with is not the cleanest, but it is supported by Microsoft and easy to implement. Apr 23, 2017  Desktop theme feature was first introduced with Windows 7 and is exist in the latest Windows 10 as well. While a desktop theme usually includes a bunch of cool wallpapers, its possible to bundle mouse cursors, sound schemes, desktop icons and screen savers with it. I would like to have a script that would change the current theme of Windows 7. I found the registry entry where this stored, but I apparently need to take some further action to get Windows to load the theme. What should I do? Here is the script that I'm trying to use, but it isn't working (registry updated, but theme not changed):

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