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2019-12-08 12:52 Wedge angle of 1 or 3. Polished with a wedge angle of 1 deg or 3 deg, these uncoated high quality wedged windows are used to prevent interference due to stray back reflection, or for beam deviation. Available from stock in NBK7 or fused silica. Custom coatings, sizes, wedge, and substrate options are available upon request.

Windows Optical Coatings Optical Materials Laser Quality Fused Silica PlanoConcave Lenses Diverging lens for beam expansion Laser quality: l10 surface figure, 105 surface quality All CVI Laser Optics low loss, high energy AR coatings available Other dimensions and focal lengths available in prototype fused silica windows cvi UV Fused Silica Optical Windows from Stock by UQG Optics Ltd, Part WFS Optics from Stock, Order Online.

CVI Fused Silica VIS Optical Window. PlanoPlano BBARBBAR: nm @ 0 Deg Diameter: 4 Thickness: 1 . BMI Surplus, Inc. has a huge inventory of used, new and preowned Optical Windows and Flats for sale. We will work with you individually to find the perfect set up for your application. Buy online or give us a call at. fused silica windows cvi

On crown glass or fused silica, the MgF2 index of about 1. 38 is too high to provide a good impedance match at the airglass interface, yielding a residual reflectivity of about 1. 3. For these materials, Vtype and BBAR coatings with reflectivities from 0. 25 to 0. 5 are the best choice at normal incidence. Windows& Optical Flats: Standard and lasergrade optical windows are available in BK7 glass, fused silica, and sapphire. Lasergrade windows include Vcoatings and specific laser wavelengths. 52 rows PW1: Laser Grade Round Windows, Fused Silica. Polished to high quality with almost perfectly parallel surfaces, these uncoated lasergrade round windows minimize angular deviation and misalignment when used in high power and high performance applications. Available from stock in NBK7 or fused silica. Custom coatings, sizes, and substrate options are available upon request. fused silica windows cvi Fused Silica Windows& Fused Quartz Windows from Stock UV Grade fused silica and fused quartz glass windows available from Valley Design stock Fused Quartz, Fused Silica Windows and Plates. Please call or email for details on quartz windows and fused silica windows. (pricing and availability may be subject to change) UV Fused Silica Windows. We are specialist suppliers of UV fused silica windows for a variety of applications and available in a range of sizes and specifications. UV grade fused silica is widely used for applications that benefit from increased transmission deeper into the UV than BK7. UV fused silica also offers a lower refractive index CVI is proud to introduce an entire family of UV grade fused silica aplanats for excimer lasers and high energy micromachining applications. Fused silica positive, negative and the complimentary meniscus triplet for f3. 3 focusing have been designed and manufactured. UV Fused Silica Optical Windows. UV Fused Silica Windows feature low distortion, excellent parallelism, low bulk scattering, and fine surface quality. This makes them perfectly suited for a wide variety of demanding applications, including multiphoton imaging systems, and

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