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2019-12-07 03:38 A tooltip is a small popup window that displays some information when you rollover on a control. In this article, I will discuss how to create and use a Tooltip control in a Windows Forms application using Visual Studio 2010.

To set a ToolTip in the designer. Add a ToolTip component to the form. Select the control that will display the ToolTip, or add it to the form. In the Properties window, set the ToolTip on ToolTip1 value to an appropriate string of text. windows form c# tooltip C# : Tooltip for In Visual Studio, in the Properties Windows for a I don't see anywhere to set the tooltip text. Where is this? You place it on the FORM itself, as the ToolTip control allows you to add ToolTips to all the controls on the Form.

Jan 08, 2001 How To Add ToolTips To Controls On A Windows Form. Then click on the control that you want to add the tooltip. In the properties page of that control you will see a ToolTip property. Just add the text that you want to show up as a ToolTip for the control. When you add a ToolTip control to a form, it is active by default. windows form c# tooltip

May 20, 2013 Hey People, I am trying to add a tooltip for all the items in my combobox. I have a combobox that is being auto populated by a query running against my database. Some of the items are exceeding the size of the combobox. How can I add a tooltip so when I select the combobox and hover over each Hi TBone1269Now, Based on my understanding, the Nov 30, 2013 C# : How do I add a ToolTip to a control? Creating a ToolTip for a Control (Visual C# ) ToolTip. SetToolTip Method How To Use The Winforms ToolTip Control Visual C# Tooltip Control Tooltip in C# You have to add a ToolTip control to your form first. Then you can set the text it should display for other controls. Then you can set the text it should display for other controls. Here's a screenshot showing the designer after adding a ToolTip control which is named toolTip1: windows form c# tooltip The version of the Show method displays the ToolTip for the specified control modally; that is, the ToolTip will be displayed until the Hide method is called, or until the parent form Add. First, to add a ToolTip control to your Windows Forms application, you need to open the ToolBox panel in Visual Studio's designer. Then, open the All Windows Forms pane and find ToolTip. Doubleclick the ToolTip

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