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2019-12-13 03:44 Sep 25, 2006 Convert your iPod from Windows to Mac and viceversa. 25 September, 2006 by Tom Harrison in windows. Converting an iPod between operating systems might sound hard, but there are just a few simple basics you need to know: porting your iTunes library and updating the iPod software.

Because the Mac is tolerant of a Windowsformatted iPod (but, as youll soon learn, Windows doesnt return the favor for Macformatted iPods), if you frequently need to use your iPod in a reformat ipod from macintosh to windows How to reformat Mac Formatted iPod on Windows The way you see if an iPod is Mac or Windowsready is to go to Settings About and scroll to the bottom of the screen. If its formatted for Mac OS X, then the last item will be the serial number of the iPod.

Oct 17, 2007  Dear Dave, We were given an ipod formatted on a mac so I thought no probs as we also have a mac. However when I plugged it into my windows pc it said it couldnt read it as it was formatted on a mac but did give us the option to reformat it for pc reformat ipod from macintosh to windows

You usually dont have to worry about formatting your iPod it happens automatically when you first set up your iPod. If you use your iPod with a Mac, it is Mac formatted. If you use it with Windows, it gets Windows formatting. But what if you used to have a PC and just bought a Mac, or vice versa, and want to use your iPod with it? Then you have to reformat your iPod. The Apple iPod hard disk is formatted differently by iTunes depending on the operating system of the computer connected to the device. Thus, an iPod formatted on a Mac is only compatible with Mac computers and an iPod formatted on Windows is only compatible with Windows computers. You can convert the iPod format if This is a tutorial about how to reformat Windows Formatted iPod on Mac and how to reformat Mac Formatted iPod on Windows. It contains 2 parts: Part 1. How to reformat Windows Formatted on for Mac reformat ipod from macintosh to windows Part 1. Best Way to Transfer Music from Mac Formatted iPod to Windows PC While switching from Mac to windows pc transferring iPod data to new computer is really a very big and challenging job for the users, because you need to restore iPod on windows before start using on windows. Apr 27, 2017 I am trying to figure out how to reformat my iPod Touch (Model iPod5, 1, iOS ) from Windows to Mac compatibility, but I have not had much luck as of yet. I recently bought an iMac (macOS ), and I would like to pair it with my iPod Touch. Oct 14, 2011 Movie the tracks from the iPod to the PC, reformat the iPod in accordance with the instructions that came with it, and move the tracks back on to the iPod. MAC formatted iPod on Windows are NO My brother gave me his Apple iPod Nano because he's now just using his iPhone and it's sweet, but it's paired to his Mac. I have a Dell laptop running Windows 7, tho, and want to put my music on it. What's the easy way to reformat it and start from scratch with my iPod?

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