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Jun 14, 2010 Re: iSeries Access for Windows 7 64bit You can't. You'll need a system that's covered by software maintenance, and then order an IBM i Access 7. 1 CD. As John stated, the earliest compatible release is V6R1. But even that is not backcompatible with V5R2 on the OS side. Vern's statement, that t iaccess for windows v6r1m0 Windows IBM i Access Client Solutions provides a Java based, platformindependent interface that runs on most operating systems that support Java, including Linux, Mac, and Windows. IBM i Access Client Solutions consolidates the most commonly used tasks for managing your IBM i

This document includes instructions for obtaining the 7. 1 IBM i Access for Windows Client. iaccess for windows v6r1m0

IBM System i Access for Windows V6R1M0 is a software program developed by IBM. The most common release is, with over 98 of all installations currently using this version. During setup, the program creates a startup registration point in Windows in order to automatically start when any user boots the PC. Navigate the list of applications until you find IBM System i Access for Windows V6R1M0 or simply click the Search feature and type in IBM System i Access for Windows V6R1M0 . If it is installed on your PC the IBM System i Access for Windows V6R1M0 app will be found automatically. Demo of i Access for Windows v6r1m0. Hi, I am looking into an issue with our Windows Server 2008R2 connecting to an IFS share on our i5. I have gone through many documents. Many say that we need to be running i Access for Windows v6m1. Our i5 is running v5r4m5. iaccess for windows v6r1m0 This document provides instructions for configuring a Personal Communications 5250 (PC5250) printer session profile when using V7R1M0 (7. 1) or V6R1M0 (6. 1 or R610) IBM i Access for Windows, or V5R4M0 (R540) iSeries Access for Windows. Windows IBM i Access is the most recognized software brand in the world for IBM i customers. IBM i Access provides business users with a friendly environment of easytouse features to increase productivity, and at the same time reduce the need for support and training. Software Deployment Package Development IBM iSeries Access for Windows 6 Installing this software via msi is no problem but when I execute the msiexec x IBM i Access for Windows will not be refreshed for IBM i release 7. 2 or beyond. IBM i Access for Windows 7. 1 is the most current version available. IBM does not plan to support IBM i Access for Windows on operating systems beyond Windows 8. 1. For additional information see supported Windows operating systems and EndofService plans.

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