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Apr 09, 2014 About Microsoft Windows TV Commercial, 'Honestly: Restaurant Owner' She's pouring everything she has into her business, that's why she got a new Microsoft Windows 2in1. It has everything she needs for half of what she thought she'd have to pay. honestly windows 8 commercial Jun 29, 2012 Windows 8 commercial made for IPT assessment. The Ultimate Windows History with Never Released Versions Duration: 3: 47: 14. Splatoon is the worst game of all time. 252, 921 views

Dec 26, 2013 I kind of felt bad for the Hipster. He is squished between two fat ass Hog lovers. He politely asked the fat ass Hog lover on his right, our left (they look like they are two of those hicks who rides Hogs as in Harley Davidsons Motorcycles, I guess like redneck Hell's Angels) to move a little, and the fat ass Hog lover gave him a look that clearly said, I'm not going to budge, and the honestly windows 8 commercial

Microsofts new Honestly series of ads makes Windows and Windows Phone personal. The devices and services giant rolled out a new advertisement today for Windows 8. 1 in which a paramedic is showcased. This paramedic talks about how Windows provides her with one experience for everything in your life. Microsoft also rolled out a video highlighting a teacher and his Surface 2, again touting the one honestly windows 8 commercial

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