Windows 8 all apps view blank

2020-02-17 21:09 Apr 03, 2013 The following is the procedure for solving the problem of view the only installed apps in Windows 8 metro screen. At first have to go to metro screen and as it is done by pressing the key of windows. Then the combination of 'windows keyQ' is to be pressed by using the keyboard. Now press the 'all apps' option.

Sep 20, 2012 Windows 8. 1 General https: Given that search was broken, I would view this as a critical problem if I were MSFT, since they are forcing the search stuff on us now. Many users probably won't know to dig into userprofile and will think they lost all their apps or worse Thursday, January 16, 2014 1: 37 PM. windows 8 all apps view blank Oct 29, 2012 Edit: It should be noted that I am able to bring up the apps listings by simply typing any single letter on the metro UI, and that brings a page of apps with a heading Results for (x) . But the all apps screen is still completely empty.

Feb 15, 2013 No, the apps are all there, and I can see up to date notifications (on the start screen). When I start the Store or any of the Microsoft Apps I get a blank screen with the applications icon on it (see below) and a perpetual loading gif but it stays like that. windows 8 all apps view blank

Apr 16, 2015  I have downloaded and installed the Windows 8 metro app to have a look at but when I run it it shows the splash screen PC Monitor and just displays a blank screen. I can call the Charms menu up and even if I do About it doesnt display anything at all. Jul 16, 2013 Keyboard Shortcut To Quickly Switch To Apps View (All Apps View) In Windows 8. 1. Yes, when you on the Start screen, simply press Ctrl Tab hotkey to see the Apps view, and then press Ctrl Tab hotkey again to revert to the Start. That is, when you in desktop environment, you need to press Windows logo key first and then press Ctrl Tab hotkey to see Apps view. In Windows 8. 1, on the start screen press CtrlTab. Old answer, for Windows 8: WinQ will take you directly to All Apps menu. And then optionally press the Esc key to remove the search field. If you're not in Desktop mode or the Start Screen, you may have to press the Win button once before, so you don't start searching in the current app. windows 8 all apps view blank

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