Top 20 themes for windows xp

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Dec 18, 2008  There are so many themes for Windows XP but for some reason finding the best ones is not very easy. The boring default Windows XP theme is just thatboring and no matter what if you want your Windows system to look good visually and aesthetically, getting a new theme is the best thing you should do after installing Windows XP. top 20 themes for windows xp Sep 04, 2009  Here goes our handpicked list of Twenty Best Windows XP Themes for your PC. If you are looking for more Windows XP Themes, you might want to check our other article: 20 Awesome Windows XP Themes. 1. Vista Live Pack. One of the best Windows Vista based themes with a touch of Windows

Top 20 Most Downloaded XP Styles. Virtual State (Art 250 Kb) Like looking through a Hawaiian reef from the bottom of the ocean. . Windows Media X Orange (Miscellaneous 407 Kb) Windows Media X Orange based on Windows media player 10. top 20 themes for windows xp

Jul 01, 2008 20 (most) beautiful themes for Windows XP 1. Download and install Uxtheme patcher. During install a message will be displayed 2. Download the theme pack and copy the folder containing. msstyles and shellstyle. dll 3. After this is done, rightclick on desktop and click Properties. Now click top 20 themes for windows xp

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