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2019-12-12 16:07 Mar 25, 2018 Sometimes there is just one XP Service running under a svchost. exe Process, sometimes there are several XP Services running under a svchost. exe Process. Sometimes malicious software will hide behind a svchost. exe Process since the malicious software knows you will not be able to spot it in Task Manager.

Mar 17, 2017 How do I reduce the number of programs that run in the background on Windows? Closing programs running in the background on your computer can free up system resources for your other programs. This can resolve problems where your system is running slowly or two programs are trying to use the same device. process running in background windows xp Aug 27, 2005 task manager, name of processes running in background. Discussion in 'Windows XP' started by summer4rains, .

Sep 06, 2006  When you're troubleshooting a problem in Windows XP, you may turn to Task Manager, which is designed to provide detailed information about the programs and processes running on a process running in background windows xp

Nov 15, 2006 Determining the services running under a SVCHOST. EXE process in Windows 8 The Windows 8 Task Manager makes it much easier to find what services are running under a particular SVCHOST. exe instance. Aug 11, 2014 How to kill unwanted processes and applications that slow down Windows. The tool is called Task Manager. To open it, rightclick the taskbar and selecting Task Manager or Start Task Manager, depending on your version of Windows. In the Windows 7 version, the Applications tab displays currentlyrunning applications. But what's Dec 21, 2010 In case anyone has this problem in future, I finally found out the solution. The START command in Windows command line allows you to start another command window running any command; and the B option can start the command without the extra command window, so you get similar behavior to Unix's background processes. process running in background windows xp May 24, 2017 When you start Windows by using a normal startup, several applications and services start automatically, and then run in the background. These programs include basic system processes, antivirus software, system utility applications, and other software that has been previously installed. explorer. exe This must always be running in the background. Its a user interface process that runs the windows graphical shell for the desktop, task bar, and Start menu. Its a user interface process that runs the windows graphical shell for the desktop, task bar, and Start menu. I am in the process of developing an application using python that needs to be able to run on both Windows 7 and XP. The application takes some simple inputs from buttons on the UI and based on the selections it needs to modify some numbers and then either upload them to a website or add them to a queue to be uploaded later. Not all programs are visibly displayed on your computer's taskbar. Other programs are intentionally hidden from being viewed because they act as valid background services or processes that do not need constant access via the taskbar. Some programs remain open even after closing them. This is a common practice especially with peertopeer utilities

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