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2019-09-21 04:27 How can i change which is the current sound card in use (xp), without going into control panelsounds devices choose playback device. any language would suffice, or batch file, just that i have to change the device for playback about 50 times a day and its a pain having to load control panel each time.

Nov 23, 2010 If this parameter is omitted, it defaults to 1 (the first sound device), which is usually the system's default device for recording and playback. Specify a number higher than 1 to operate upon a different sound device. SoundSet only changes volume etc. of a selected device, but it does not change which device is active. change playback device windows xp Similar Threads: 1. Changing the default sound playback device I'm trying to find out now to change the sound playback device. There are two places where I can make the change: in control panelsound and audio devicesAudio (default windows device) and in Media Player under SpeakersSound playback.

Jul 05, 2008 Windows Software: Tools to change your default audio playback device. 5 Jul, 2008 Home Theatre, Software, Vista, XP I have received many requests from readers asking how to quickly change the default audio device in Windows. change playback device windows xp

Dec 10, 2015 Can't change playback devices I have used windows 10 since it's launch on July 29th. Worked fine. A few days ago I went into my playback device to switch from my speakers to my headphones and it didn't work. also cant get powerdvd14 or 15 or 13 to play anymore. it opens but crashes on playback of video, only vlc an the windows dvd player Windows (XPVistaWindows7) Audio Changer. By Windows default, you have to right click the volume icon in the system tray, open sound setting dialog of control panel, select the new audio playback device, hit default button and click ok. That takes a long route. Windows XP Audio Settings Important! Please note that the following set of instructions may be different for some users due Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices. In the Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices window find Sounds and Audio Devices. Find the Audio tab (top line of buttons) and click on change playback device windows xp Mar 03, 2005 controlpanel, then 'Sounds and Audio Devices and change the sound playback device. And then to remember to change it back again after the game. Is this dialog a simple GUI for a commandline utility, 'cos then i would be able to write a simple. bat file to toggle cards(In an ideal world it would be i. e. linux) How can the answer be improved? Aug 27, 2015  Short HowTo video focusing on troubleshooting audio issues by changing the default playback device in Windows 10. Set default device http: windows. micr Jul 13, 2016 Hello, Thank you for your interest in Windows 10! There isn't any shortcut option for switching playback device in Windows 10 so far. However you may change the settings for the default play back devices following the below steps and check. Open the Desktop, find the volume icon on the Taskbar. ; Right click on Volume button and select the Playback devices.

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