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2019-10-17 09:29 Feb 18, 2011  WPcentral recorded these videos of Microsofts developer day at MWC 2011, showing the latest HTML5 features of the updated IE Mobile browser. They note that the WP7 team still have the ability to push out out of cycle updates just for the browser, but we suspect that is rather unlikely. Another HTML5 demo on Windows Phone 7. by Surur

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Nov 29, 2011  The smartphone discussion is typically focused around iPhone and Android, but Microsoft is still cooking up its own unique smartphone OS: Windows Phone 7. Now thanks to an HTML5 demo, the curious can try out a basic Windows Phone 7. 5 experience directly on your iPhone html5 windows phone 7 demo

HTML5 Video Creator is a versatile, readymade solution that allows professional and amateur web developers to Make superior html video gallery for their web sites and web applications. Windows Phone 7 Html5 Video. embedding video on the web Do you have an iOS or Android device and would like to know what using Windows Phone 7 feels like? If you do, you're in luck. Microsoft has launched a very interesting HTML5 demo to bring Windows Phone 7 into your mobile browser for an immersive experience. Currently, Windows Phone 7. 1 does not support full HTML5JS as a replacement for Silverlight. In Windows 8 (NOT the next version of windows phone, but the next version of Microsoft's desktop OS), HTML5JS is presented as an alternative to using XAML and C# (it's a little confusing because on Windows 8, metro apps do not run Silverlight, but they still operate using XAML and C# ). html5 windows phone 7 demo Nov 29, 2011 Name: Windows Phone 7 Demo Description: A demo of Windows Phone 7 running on my iPhone 4. This demo uses HTML 5 to show off Windows Phone's interface.

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