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2019-10-20 12:40 Jan 27, 2010 Hi, I am having problems with windows 7 built in search. I'm trying to set it up where it only searches my Outlook 2007 emails. I have deleted and rebuilt the search index catalog, tried creating a new Outlook profile but it just won't work.

Desktop Search. When looking for a professional desktop search tool, you should be able search for files and your inbox data at the same time. The Lookeen search solution uses a purposebuilt indexer to catalogue all of your data. The index enables simultaneous desktop search and Outlook search from the system tray plugin or from the program itself, windows 7 desktop search outlook In the Services window, scroll to find the Windows Search service, rightclick it, and then click Properties. In Windows Search Properties, on the General tab, check that the Service status is Running, and if it's not, click Start.

Feb 06, 2013 In the process of Deploying Windows 7& Office 2010 we encountered a problem with the Indexing of Outlook in Windows 7. It looks like Windows 7 search does not recognize the Outlook 2010 edition. Outlook will complain with the following message: Instant Search is not available when Outlook is running with administrator permissions. windows 7 desktop search outlook

Oct 02, 2015  Search the Contents of Your Files. The Windows desktop search in Windows 7 will search within the content of your files by default. This means that desktop search will find if your search terms actually appear within a file on your computer. The problem with desktop search on Windows 7 is that this default setting wont always work. Apr 11, 2019 outlook 2016 stop searching after disabling searching. com. Message is that windows search engine is disabled. Can't enable windows search engine. Thoughts? how to enable windows search engine for outlook 2016 make sure to restart your computer and check after some time if the search is working normally in Outlook 2016. Jun 27, 2011 Set Windows Desktop Search to only index Outlook Is there a way to use Windows Desktop Search only for Outlook and not use the rest of the searching capabilities? I find it usefull for Outlook but have no need to index the rest of my data on my machine. windows 7 desktop search outlook Windows Desktop Search brings components of the native search features in Windows 7 to Windows XP and Vista. Nov 04, 2010 I installed Windows Desktop Search and loved it. Since I have been running Windows 7 I have been severely stymied when it comes to searching through PST databases for past email correspondence. Sadly, Windows Desktop Search will not run on Windows 7. I try to use the search facility built into Windows 7 and into Outlook 2007. Oct 29, 2007 I have Outlook 2007 and Windows Desktop Search 3. 01. When i do a search in Outlook, i only receive No matches found for. , no matter what i search for, even if I am looking right at the message and type the senders name exactly. Windows Desktop search works perfectly if i do a search for I found in another post to try going to Tools

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