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2019-12-14 19:02 Jan 21, 2018  Option 1 Install UserAgent Switcher Select the Add to Chrome button for UserAgent Switcher at the Chrome Web Store. Rightclick a blank area of any web page, then choose UserAgent Switcher . Select the desired user agent.

Jan 16, 2013  There is no need to enable the user agent settings in Chrome, you just have to find them under the developer options: Open Chrome and pull down the View menu, go down to Developer and select Developer Tools to open the developer panel. Click the gear icon Settings button located in the lower right corner. change user agent chrome windows How can the answer be improved?

Though Chrome extension is the easiest way to change the string, unfortunately it works with the latest versions only. On the other hand, there is great news that in the upcoming versions, you can change the user agent right from the developer tools. change user agent chrome windows

Jul 30, 2012 How to Change User Agent String in Google Chrome. Or change the useragent to Googlebot and you can read Wall Street Journal stories without a subscription. Similarly, if you use the user agent of iPad on your desktop, Google will render the tablet version of Gmail which is more beautiful than the original desktop version. Aug 04, 2017  In fact, this information can actually give you a better browsing experience. For example, if a website knows youre using Chrome, it will load a Chrome optimized version. Browsers automatically detect and build your user agent but, you can fake it. If you want, you can change your browsers user agent to Mac or Windows. Click Develop User Agent and select the user agent you want to use in the list. If the user agent you want to use isnt shown here, select Other and you can provide a custom user agent. You can find extensive lists of user agents on various websites, such as change user agent chrome windows Oct 05, 2018 How to change the user agent in Chrome Just as with Edge, Chrome has a user agent change within the developer settings, although it is a lot more complicated to access. Open the browser and click on the menu button on the topright corner. May 02, 2016 To change Microsoft user agent to Microsoft Edge, please follow the below methods and check if it helps: Method 1: Check Default Program From the desktop press Windows key R and type control and click ok. Dec 12, 2011 It's only available in Chrome 17 (Dev Channel Canary) right now. Here's how to change the user agent: 1. open the Developer Tools (CtrlShiftI on WindowsLinux, Command Option I on Mac OS X) 2. click the settings icon at the bottom of the window. Jan 11, 2019  Another way is from the More actions menu () F12 Developer Tools. Select the Emulation tab then click in the User agent string list box. Choose an appropriate web browser you would like to test in. Both Edge and Internet Explorer support a variety of modes, including Opera, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

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