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2019-09-15 13:55 Dec 26, 2013  MUST RETURN AERO DESKTOP WITH CLASSIC START FOR US as option! I find we cant disable metro UI for Windows 8 RTM. That being said, renaming Shsxs. dll and changing RPEnabled 0 are not working. Class Shell is a good tool to use start menu as

Jul 26, 2013 Metro UI Tweaker. You can disable the Metro UI Start Menu and replace it with the Windows 7 style classic start menu. You can disable only the Windows Explorer Ribbon. You can disable Metro start menu and Explorer Ribbon. Enable any of the disabled options. Display Windows 8 Lock Screen, Log Off, Restart, Shutdown, disable metro ui windows 8 rtm Oct 18, 2013  How to eradicate Metro from your Windows 8. 1 PC. Windows 8. 1 packs some new settings that make it a snap to spend the majority of your time in the traditional desktop. With a few more tweaks and an extra program or two, youll be able to shun the modern UI almost completely, while still basking in the glow of Windows 8s faster boot times,

Boot straight to desktop and remove Metro UI elements. The first thing you'll want to do with your new Windows 8. 1 machine is set it up to keep Metro out of your way with its new settings. Rightclick the taskbar, click Properties and select the Navigation tab in the resulting screen. disable metro ui windows 8 rtm

Aug 19, 2012 Windows 8 RTM has been released and everybody is talking about the new version of the most popular operating system in the world. Windows 8 runs faster, boots faster and comes with a sleek new interface called Metro UI (Microsoft has started to call it Modern UI). Sep 14, 2011  OK, I made another stab at disabling Metro UI in Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Methods that work to bypass or disable Metro UI in Windows 8 Developer Preview do not work in Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Also, methods based on using the Task Manager and methods that are based on a showdesktop. scf dont work either. Apr 18, 2013 How do I removedisable Metro UI What is Microsoft's preferred methodtool to remove Metro UI which serves no useful purpose on a desktop with 24 screen. Starting in the Desktop or Search screen would also be fine as that groups Desktop applications. disable metro ui windows 8 rtm Oct 29, 2012 Allright, I know that it has been decided to remove the RPEnabled registry setting leaving me no option to disable the new lovely METRO, but that's just not right. . I want that METRO UI to COMPLETELY GONE. Yes, I can boot into Desktop, but METRO still boots up first and flickers nasty before my Desktop shows up. Sep 27, 2012 In order to discard the Metro desktop and restore the classic option, thereby starting Windows 8 with the traditional desktop view, you will need to make an adjustment to the Windows registry. Warning: If you have no experience changing the registry, you should read this section very carefully and perhaps find a friend or colleague who can Aug 20, 2012 They knew they couldn't just kill the legacy apps, but the whole point of Windows 8 is Metro, and even though 8 brings lots of other nice reasons to upgrade from Windows 7, Metro is what they consider the wave of the future. x8664 based versions of windows will support legacy apps for a long time to come, but Metro is now considered the May 07, 2013 Windows 8 RTM Mouse stopped working on default metro monitor location: microsoft. com date: September 3, 2012 After running a long robocopy from a problem external drive overnight, when I unlocked the PC (which took awhile due to the slow IO), the primary monitor seems to be locked into metro mode somehow.

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