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2019-12-06 03:02 I can boot to Windows or Ubuntu normally using GRUB. I want to delete Ubuntu partition, but first I must restore the Windows 10 MBR. In Use Bootrec. exe in the Windows RE to troubleshoot startup issues (applies to Windows 7 and Windows Vista) they say to use Bootrec. exe with options FixMbr FixBoot, but when I type bootrec. exe FixMbr in a

Apr 08, 2019  How to Reset Windows Vista Performing a System Restore Click on the Start menu and select All Programs. Click on Accessories and select System Tools. Click on System Restore. Select the radio button next to the restore point for which you want your computer restored windows vista factory reset from boot Jun 28, 2014 My windows vista wont let me factory reset it I have a Gateway TA7 Windows Vista and i wanted to reset it, so i tried to do it from my computer from startup (pressing F8) and the option that i used on another computer wasn't there.

Feb 03, 2008 Is there a way to reset Windows Vista to factory settings? I want to get rid of basiccly, everything on my computer. Users. . Installed programs. . Right to the point it seems like it just seems like I just bought it. Would a Restore CD made by the computer work? Or do I have to use something else? Operating System: Windows Vista Home Basic windows vista factory reset from boot

May 28, 2013 Does anybody know where I can find a Windows Vista recovery disk? I have a client who is having boot problems and their computer only has a CD writer on it so I can't use a Vista install disk on it and I do not have any spare DVD drives around. How can the answer be improved? Apr 11, 2010 The boot of the Microsoft Windows Vista in my Compaq computer. Windows XP upgraded to Windows Vista. This video shows the startup and shutdown process. 1GB of RAM, 200 GB of hard drive, NVIDIA windows vista factory reset from boot Sep 16, 2011 To boot from your CDDVD, the BIOS settings on your computer must be configured to do this. Reinstalling Windows XP or Windows Vista Do i need WINDOWS CD(VISTA) to FORMATRESTORE FACTORY DEFAULT settings on a VAIO laptop! ? Restoring factory defaults on vista? Restoring Windows Vista to Factory defaults with recovery partition? If you can access System Restore on your Windows Vista system, follow these steps: Boot your computer. Click Start. Type restore in the search bar. Select Backup and Restore Center from the search results list. Select either to select a custom date for restore or a recommended date by Windows

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