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2020-02-22 04:56 Mar 10, 2019 I upgraded to windows 8. 1 from windows 7 ultimate and since then my usb hubs stopped working. ; the operating system doesn't know they exist.

Apr 15, 2014 I purchased two hubs, one powered and one passive. When I insert the hub and plug in a memory stick that I know to be good with usb 2. 0 it appears under here rather than under the Standard Enhanced . Its is coming up as: Standard OpenHCD USB HOST CONTROLLER USB Root Hub Generic USB Hub USB Mass Storage Device Generic SD. . windows 8.1 usb hub Jun 20, 2018 USB hubs and Win8. 1 Has anyone experienced a problem trying to connect devices through a USB hub while using Win8. 1? I am trying to resolve a problem with a Dell Latitude Slate tablet with native dock that offers additional ports, however, when the tablet is docked the dock can only be used to provide power and audio throughput.

Jan 02, 2018 6) If question 5 is yes can those driver be put on system now or would i need to have a fresh Windows install? 7) If i were to buy esata expansion card and a usb 3 card would they work or would they do what current onboard ports are doing? I can see no reason why esata and USB 3 stopped working right after windows 8. 1 had to be reinstalled. windows 8.1 usb hub

Oct 17, 2013  DisplayLink Based USB Products: This is a critical update. We strongly suggest installing this prior to an upgrade from 8 to 8. 1, if you doing a clean install without upgrading, this update is now available through Microsoft Windows Update. Click Here to Download See our blog post for additional information: Install the Latest DisplayLink Drivers [ Oct 30, 2014 I am using Windows 8. 1 on an ASUS X550C. All my USB ports (2 USB2. 0 and 1 3. 0) have suddenly stopped working. External drives when connected show a light but are not recognised. Graphics tablet and printers also do not work, though they do when attached to another printer. I have not recently Device Type: Other Devices Manufacturer: Unknown windows 8.1 usb hub

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