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2019-12-12 11:43 Apr 08, 2016 Turn on AutoComplete in Windows Command Prompt. If you are a Windows power user who frequently needs to use the Command Prompt regularly, then you find it useful to turn on autocomplete in Command Prompt. If you want to make the change permanent, you will have to edit the Windows Registry. File name completion and folder name completion are

In the Windows 7 command line, pressing TAB completes to the first matching item (ie, folder or file). In most Linux shells I am aware of, like bash, TAB completion completes only up to the characters that are unambiguous and then you can either type the remaining character(s) yourself or get a list of completion options. windows command tab completion Enable Autocomplete for Command Prompt Step 1: Click on Start, then Run and type in regedit in Windows XP. In Windows 7 and higher, just clicking on Start and then type regedit. Step 2: Navigate to one of the following registry keys: Step 3: Doubleclick on the CompletionChar key and change

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Aug 25, 2014  Tab Completion on Windows. Tab completion also works in PowerShell. It can be used to automatically fill in the name of a cmdlet, a parameter, or a file path. Unlike in the Bash Shell, Windows requires you press Tab multiple times to cycle through available options it Apr 29, 2015 If you are a Windows power user, then you will probably be using the command prompt very frequently. By itself, the command prompt lacks several features out of the box and autocompletion is one of them. In case you are wondering, here is how you can enable the autocomplete feature in Windows Nov 13, 2018 MSDOS and Windows command line users. While at the prompt, typing in one or more letters a file or directory name contains will auto complete the name in alphabetical order. For example, when at the C: \ prompt type the below command. cd p. After the above command has been typed, instead of pressing the enter press the tab key. windows command tab completion

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