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2020-01-23 10:41 Apple Time Capsule on Windows XP, 2000, Vista, Windows 788. 1, and Windows 10. Ethernet Connection Setup& Internet Sharing with Time Capsule Drive. Time Capsule must be connected to your PC. Download and install AirPort Utility. In AirPort Utility you will find your Time Capsule. Click on it and the click Manual Setup.

Feb 15, 2010 I want to use use the Time Capsule as a file share so that 3 mac users can connect to it at the same time. Is this possible? Also, can i plug an external drive to the Time Capsule and have the Time Capsule do a scheduled automatic back of the time capsule internal drives to the External drive? time capsule windows file share Oct 06, 2013 This video will show you how to setup a Time Capsule as a file server. I also show you how to SYNC a folder and use Folder Actions to create your own DropBox type setup. Thanks.

Oct 15, 2013 I'm thinking about buying a Time Capsule (the new ac time capsule) and use it as a backuptime machine, but more importantly, to share my files between devices. Now, I understood from the Apple rep. I just talked to, that sharing on my local network at home should we no problem at all. time capsule windows file share

The time capsule is connected to the router with a cable and is in bridge mode. Windows and OSX can access the hard disc in the LAN. The router makes a port forwarding to the time capsule. Jul 03, 2011  Connecting to an Apple Time Capsule Disk over the internet (WAN) using Windows If you are like myself and sitting on the fence between Windows and Apple based products, you may want to communicate between Windows 1 and your Apple Time Capsule Disk Sep 30, 2010 To map a drive on another Windows computer, follow these instructions: 1. From the Airport Utility, select the Airport Icon and the Time Capsule tab. 2. Change the Time Capsule name to something that makes sense, or follow your network standards. 3. Now move to the Disks Icon and the File Sharing time capsule windows file share May 08, 2012  I have a Mac and have set up a Time Capsule with backups and media. I want to be able to access this media on a Windows laptop. I have searched the Internet and cant find a definitive way to access Time Capsule in Windows Explorer and view and edit the files. Dec 18, 2009 Question: Q: Time Capsule File Sharing w Windows XP Successfully Recently got a Time Capsule (TC) to serve as a NAS (networkattached storage) and a WiFi access point for my home network. I have 2 Macs and 2 WinXPs. With Time Capsule firmware version 7. 6 and later you have 3 choices for password protection: you can use the same password for file sharing that you use fo Time Capsule, you can use a different password, or you can go all out and set up multiple users, each with their own password (and corresponding ownership and permissions features). Dec 01, 2018 configure windows file sharing with apple time capsule As the title says, how do I configure Apple's time capsule 2nd generation to share files over my network. Thanks in advance

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