Cannot rate my computer windows 8

2019-11-20 12:55 Nov 30, 2018 Why can't I rate my PC after installing Windows Pro? ? It always says Can't measure video playback performance. . while rating. .

Dec 27, 2013 how to rate computer windows 8 haritha prabuddha. Loading Unsubscribe from haritha prabuddha? How to Speed up Windows 8 or (8. 1) Free and Easy Duration: 5: 54. cannot rate my computer windows 8 May 20, 2014 hello I can not rate my windows 8 pc because every time I try windows 8 gives me an error and restarts my computer. i did SFC SCANNOW and it found errors but it told

Aug 12, 2014 Hi guyzzzzz i really need sme help when i press the 'rate this computer' button, there's nothing going on! ! ! there's no process! ! ! but the thing is that i can use my aero theme! ! ! my ratin Cannot rate My computer's performance Windows 7 Help Forums cannot rate my computer windows 8

Jul 07, 2013 i was able to change only individual icons not category icons. One more issue. My shut down or windows logoff sound does not play on exit of windows. I have tried with registry tweaks, removed authocheck autochck and few other tricks. But no use. Could you guide me so that i can hear shut down or windows log off sound. May 09, 2018 Where is the Rating in Windows 8. 1 (Windows Experience Index)? The standard solution to show the performance (experience) index not work in Windows 8. 1, but here is the solution! You can use the Windows 8. 1 command prompt in admin or standard mode and the command winsat formal to calculate the Windows 8. 1 performance index, or display! Aug 22, 2012 i have a dell xps 15 L502x, all the windows 7 drivers works (x64) but when i try to install the chipset drivers from intel or the the sig ned one from this forum (intel HD3000) it goes ok but i cannot rate the machine to improve performance so, im suspecting that its because of that driver, windows 8 throw a message indicating that i dont have cannot rate my computer windows 8

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