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2020-01-24 19:25 Dec 09, 2011 The OEM SLP copy of Windows 7 you are using is for a later Dell which did ship with Windows 7. The COA stickers on your computers no doubt have Vista product keys. They will not activate Windows 7. The OEM SLP product key is embedded in the software and requires a corresponding BIOS flag.

May 16, 2013 So the company I work regularly replaces its laptops with new Dells. What we want to do is create a install using windows deployment server. I have yet to be able to get the answer file to pick up the Dell OEM certificate. Here is what I have so far: I have copied both the dell install. wim and boot. wim into my install windows 7 dell oem installation Apr 13, 2011  I had to reinstall Windows 7 Home Premium onto my Dell Studio 1558. I did a clean install, and use the OEM disk that they had sent me previously because I didn't get it with my laptop originally. When I asked for the Windows 7 Disk, they sent

Mar 14, 2017 I have an XPS Desktop from Dell that came with a Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 system. Recently I did something stupid that caused a virus to do all manner of things and now I want to do a reinstall. I do NOT have the original disk for the installation of Windows 7. windows 7 dell oem installation

Feb 09, 2015 We have purchased Dell Latitude E6420 Laptop with Windows 7 pro 32 bit OEM license and we are planning to install 64 bit Windows 7 pro on same laptop, So. . can we use the same 32 bit OEM license that we got with Laptop on 64 bit Operating system or OEM(Dell Media). Hi, Since you own an OEM version of a 32bit version of Windows 7, your license key However, you don't have to buy an OEM version of Windows 7 from Dell. If you can get hold of the retail version of the same edition of Windows 7 (and there are multiple ways to do this) then you can edit a file on the disk to turn it into an OEM version which will then happily install and register using the product key attached to your laptop. The Windows 7 ISO that Dell uses has a file that looks for the system flag that is tied to your BIOS to verify your service tag EXP Service Code is one from Dell. The service code is made from an algorithm so it is unique for Dell. windows 7 dell oem installation Oct 11, 2017 A Clean Installation of Windows 7 OEM using the Dell Skylake. iso (GPT UEFI BIOS). To Download the Dell Skylake. iso and make installation media from it se May 22, 2012 What if I use a generic retail Windows 7 Professional disk (not the Dell OEM restore disk), install Windows 7 on a blank computer but when it prompts for key I don't enter in anything and just use it in 30day trial mode , put all our applications and configuration items on it, then sysprep it and capture it with WDS. Feb 23, 2017  This video will show you howbto make a bootable Windows 7 Pro OEM flash drive for installation on Dell PCs. Use this method if you still have your Windows 7 AO or OEM Copy a windows 7 OEM install disk from Dell I am trying to make a spare copy of the Dell Windows 7 reinstall DVD that came with our computers. It seems to be a little too big to fit on my DVDs.

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