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2019-12-07 10:31 Apr 01, 2014 If you need to purchase new Windows 8. 1 software, you can buy it on the Microsoft Store site. Backup your files and data to the cloud. Use a service such as OneDrive Pro to provide a smooth transition between your old and new devices. If you have multiple devices, OneDrive Pro enables you to synchronize them easily.

If you have a machine running XP Pro Service Pack 3, heres how to do an upgrade install to Windows 8. Note: When upgrading XP Pro to Windows 8, only your data files will be kept, some of your windows 8 upgrade clean install xp Dec 22, 2018 How to Clean Install Windows 8 Pro Upgrade. If you are using Windows XP, follow the above steps from another computer with a more recent version of Windows. Once you have your media created (Steps 11 to 14 below), bring it back to the Windows XP computer and then perform the clean install (Step 15 below).

Feb 15, 2019 If you were going to simply upgrade, then you would click on Upgrade this PC now , but since we are doing a clean install you should click on Create installation media and then click Next . 5. Verify the correct language, operating system version (Windows 10) and whether or you want to install the 32 or 64 bit version. windows 8 upgrade clean install xp

Jan 31, 2015 Is it possible to clean install Windows 8. 1 (64) upgrade to new SSD with XP SP3 OEM key in the computer case? I have 8 Pro upgrade retail key. Purpose is with op system also to upgrade traditional hard disk to SSD. Feb 10, 2013 If I reinstall XP 32 bit and install all the updates (SP3) and register my key again can I then install the Windows 8 64 bit upgrade (as a clean install)? Yes, you can. This is how you do a clean install. Boot to the Windows XP desktop (don't bother activating Windows XP, you just need to have a qualifying license installed. Oct 27, 2012 According to Microsoft, the PC you want to install the Windows 8 upgrade on needs traces of an old operating system that is eligible for the upgrade. While you can still install Windows 8 on the system, it won't activate otherwise as no previous version of Windows has been found by the installer running on it. windows 8 upgrade clean install xp

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