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2019-12-08 15:24 Jan 14, 2013 Hello Community, I am having a curious problem with configuring my WebAPI application security that I hope someone can help out with. I'm trying to configure my application to be Windows Integrated Security, but when I access a REST URI in my appliaction, I am prompted for credentials and if successful, the site forwards me to Login. aspx.

Oct 04, 2010 After researching, I found out that I cannot use Windows Authentication for that web portal because Forms Authentication was enabled and they cannot coexist. So, my vendor suggested I setting up a default web site, https: xyz. domain. net to do some sort of authentication, preferbably Windows Authentication. redirect after windows authentication Jan 02, 2013 Is there anything I missed [I want to redirect user to a page in different site collection's pages library or this is the default behavior for the windows authentication process when used through code [redirecting to a page within same site collection only

The title of the question includes when using Windows Authentication . MVC4 Windows Authentication Redirect to AccountLogin. 1. Only in Visual Studio 2015: connection name 'DefaultConnection' was not found in the applications configuration or the connection string is empty. redirect after windows authentication

Nov 06, 2011  ASP. NET MVC 3 has its quirkiness here and there. Sometimes its a lack of support for something, and other times its downright buggy. An issue I came across recently, is something to do with Windows Authentication. Theres a lot of resource on the web on how to run ASP. NET MVC with Windows Authentication. Theres even a project template, the Intranet site, which ships with MVC 3. As documentation says, Windows Authentication works by sending 401 reply first, then browser asks user to provider credentials and then they work out what to do next. What happens here: on first request for the page IIS tries to send 401header, but notices that web. config says on 401 redirect to this page . Redirect to Login Page if windows authentication cancel button is clicked. When I click on that SharePoint Login link, it loads the windows authentication form that I achieved as below screen: Browse other questions tagged sharepointenterprise 2016 formsauthentication redirect or ask your own question. asked. 1 redirect after windows authentication Oct 04, 2011 Prevent Forms Authentication Login Page Redirect When You Dont Want It. Oct 4, The first event, occurs after authentication Digest and Windows Authentication at web application level in IIS. This problem did not occurred on my staging server as Basic, Digest and Windows authentication modes were disabled Feb 23, 2010 Basically, I have a form that needs to be authenticated through Windows Authentication. Simple enough and that works fine. What I want to do though is have this on a public facing site and if someone not in our network attempts to access the page it should redirect them to a nonauthenticated page. As I said, the authentication is working fine.

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