Uninstall windows phone 8 apps

2019-10-17 01:48 Oct 14, 2016 Removing PreInstalled Apps on Windows Phone 8 I have several apps that came preinstalled with my Windows Phone e. g. Cortana, Wallet, FM Radio etc. I would like to uninstall them from my phone to free up muchneeded storage space on the internal drive.

Aug 07, 2013  How To Uninstall a Windows 8 Apps For all Windows 8 Metro apps, you wont find them in Programs and Features in Control Panel. Only the desktop apps youve installed will be there. Then select Uninstall from the App Bar at the bottom. A verification box comes up. Click Uninstall uninstall windows phone 8 apps How can the answer be improved?

Feb 05, 2016 Yes, you can remove your app from the store. As you said your app is not published, please go to your windows phone dashboard and you will have the option to delete the app in the not completed apps list. Please mark as answer, if you got the required information. Thanks& Regards, Manideep Mummadi. uninstall windows phone 8 apps

uninstall windows phone 8 apps

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