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2020-01-29 13:48 Apr 22, 2003  Ive searched well so many sites about a code that I can with the help of it, build a simple Windows service, but I found a lot of code on how to manage the current Windows services of the system and thats through the ServiceController class.

Develop and Install a Windows Service in C# Enables you to create longrunning executable applications that run in their own windows session. Can be automatically started when the computer boots, can be paused and restarted without any user interaction. Easily c# install windows service from code May 23, 2007  Windows Services in C# : Adding the Installer (part 3) May 23, 2007 arcanecode 48 Comments OK, youve crafted your service, now youre ready to install it so you can test.

Jan 15, 2010 Install Windows Service 1. Call to SDK Command prompt, follow. 2. Type in the SDK command prompt. c# install windows service from code

Before you run a Windows service, you need to install it, which registers it with the Service Control Manager. Add installers to your project to handle the registration details. In Solution Explorer, from the shortcut menu for MyNewService. cs, or MyNewService. vb, choose View Designer. Feb 20, 2012 Hi, I have created windows service and it is successfully if I install it by VS 2010's command prompt (using installutil). Now I want to host this service by using C# without using command prompt interface. currently I am using the code to install service as string Hi Mahajan you can try below sample to install service Install Uninstall. NET Windows Service [C# This example shows how to install and uninstall a. NET windows service. To install or uninstall windows service (which was created using. NET Framework) use utility InstallUtil. exe. This tool can be found in the following path c# install windows service from code Mar 02, 2012 This code sample demonstrates creating a basic Windows Service application in VC A basic Windows service in C (CppWindowsService) sample in C for Visual Studio 2008 This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. If youre developing a Windows service with the. NET Framework, you can quickly install your service app by using the InstallUtil. exe commandline utility. Developers who want to release a Windows service that users can install and uninstall should use InstallShield. For more information, see Create an installer package (Windows client). Sep 05, 2016  Creating and Installing Simple Windows Service in C# . September 5, 2016 by 0. Windows Service is a background task that runs continuously without user interaction. It is an executable application that can be started, paused and stopped without interaction of the user. Sometimes you may want to install a Windows Service programmatically, but the target machine does not have InstallUtil. exe. Add a reference to Use the code below. Note that the exeFileName is the InstallerClass. exe and not the ServiceClass. exe.

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