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2019-12-10 02:18 Jul 05, 2017  To do this, open the GFWL interface by pressing the Home button on your keyboard while in any GFWLenabled game and choose Create New Profile. Scroll down on the Create Gamer Profile screen, click Create a Local Profile, and enter the details you want to use. Youll lose any save files if you do this while playing a game.

May 29, 2007 While in any game sign out of your existing profile (if you are signed in), then choose Create New Profile. Choose Create New Profile again. At the Create Gamer Profile screen, scroll down and click the create a local profile blue link. windows live games local profile May 14, 2010  Games For Windows Live Offline Local Profile. 1. First, Launch the Game. 2. While At the Main Menu Click The HOME Button on Your Keyboard. 3. The Games For Windows Live Menu Pops Up. 4. Select Create a New Account. 5. Then they Show A User Agreement. 6. Scroll Down Through The User Agreement.

Nov 04, 2010  c. Now we can see the profile buttons, & you need to click the highlighted button Create New Profile. d. In the dialog box, scroll down to the bottom paragraph. e. At the bottom paragraph there is a hyperlink for creating a local profile. Clicking the link will create a local profile. f. Name the profile& click the Done button. g. windows live games local profile

Quick demo of how to setup a local profile in Games For Windows Live (GFWL). They sort of hide the link to do so, needing to scroll down to see it. A local profile lets you play solo, but you can't go online for server play. (However, since GFWL is retired, that's a moot point). Jul 19, 2014 How to Create Offline Profile in Games for Windows Live (GFWL): 2014 Many people face difficulty in saving game when using game for windows live. This video will be presenting a way of creating windows live games local profile

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