Google chrome scrolling problem windows 7

2020-02-24 20:27 up vote 1 down vote favorite. I have Chrome. 220 m version and Windows 7 Proffesional. The problem is that when I open random site in new tab and then continue to scroll in the current site, the scrolling starts to lag big time. I must wait to load completely the

Dec 05, 2017 Original title: CANNOT SCROLL IN CHROME ON DELL LAPTOP WITH WINDOWS 10 Hi! I hope someone can help! I purchased a new Dell laptop recently that had Windows 10 already installed. It was buggy from the start with the most frustrating issue being Google chrome tabs won't scroll after sleep or a period of inactivityactually this very tab just froze as I am typing this post! google chrome scrolling problem windows 7 Oct 07, 2016 Upon startup, Chrome will scroll per normal, but after a few minutes (regardless as to how many tabs I have open, other background processes), scroll will be disabled. The only fix is to restart Chrome. I have disabled smooth scrolling in: flags as has been recommended before, and the problem persists in the same manner despite smooth scrolling being turned on or off.

Aug 11, 2018  It helps to resolve various chrome problems like scrolling issues. To do it. Go to Settings or just tpe chrome: settings in address bar and hit enter. Then, Click on Show advanced settings. Now, Click on Reset Settings. Relaunch chrome browser and see if scrolling problem google chrome scrolling problem windows 7

Oct 09, 2016 Google Chrome lags very bad while scrolling on most web pages. Also, sometimes videos played through the browser have poor FPS and are laggy. I know it is not my internet, as other browsers don't have an issue, and I'm hardwired with mbps speed. I am on Windows 10 Anniversary Edition. I never had an issue while running on Windows 7 Ultimate. Sep 03, 2016  Replies (7). My chrome worked fine as well in the two previous builds, but in this 9926 build, my AMD graphics aren't working properly and my scrolling and mouse pointer are slow in Chrome beta version 41 64bit, unless I go into Chrome settingsadvanced settingssystem and turn off hardware acceleration, then it becomes just as responsive as google chrome scrolling problem windows 7

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