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2020-01-28 19:02 Dec 30, 2008 When you get there, the default administrator normally doesn't have a password, unless someone set one. you can login to that account and change the password from there. There are other options, but I would leave those to more advanced users. There are programs to do it, and also running Linux, you can get around Windows security.

Windows password recovery programs are software tools designed to recover or resetdelete your Windows 7 password. They can sometimes be difficult to use but if you truly have forgotten your Windows 7 password and you can also follow some simple directions, there's an excellent chance that one of these programs will get you back into Windows. forgot administrator password windows 7 yahoo Jan 27, 2011  Anyway, will it be easy and immediately you forget your Windows password and cant login Windows 7. But it may take you days, to crack a Windows 7 password. The passage will give you some common ways to crack Windows 7 password, and you can choose the fastest way and hope that to save your time.

Feb 04, 2013 Yahoo UK& Ireland Answers How to view the administrator's password on windows 7? The only way to reset your windows password 100 safe is to use a software called Reset Password Pro. The software allows you to create a bootdisk, that can be made on a CDDVD or USB stick. The bootdisk can then be inserted into any locked machine, and forgot administrator password windows 7 yahoo

Apr 11, 2010  Best Answer: Check out Password Resetter, it's a program that allows you to reset your Windows 7, Vista or XP password without having to reinstall anything! All you do is burn a disc or load up a USB key with their software, and load it on booting Aug 11, 2011 Try to remember your administrator password. As I mentioned in the last step, your account might be configured as an administrator, especially if you installed Windows 7 on your computer yourself. If that's true, but you've forgotten your password, you might be able to make really good guesses at what the administrator password might be. Nov 17, 2012 Yahoo Singapore Answers How to recover forgotten windows 7 administrator password with Windows Password Recovery Tool? Step 1. Download and install Windows Password Recovery Tool from in any computer(not locked one). Step 2. Burn a bootable Windows password reset disk with CDDVD or USB drive in seconds. forgot administrator password windows 7 yahoo Jul 21, 2014 I forgot my Windows 7 password and it is an administrator account. After solving your problem using one of the methods posted by the other respondents, plan ahead a little and create, test and document a spare admin account, same as you have a spare house key. Dec 12, 2015  I have 2 accounts one is administrator and one is normal user account I know the password of my normal user account but forgot my administrator account password, moreover I forgot to create the password reset disk of any sort I don't know what to do and I have tried all the ways such opening windows in safe mode typing the command of net user in My normal user account but it Dec 11, 2015 Method 2: How to Reset Windows 7 Password without Reset Disk. This program would be the first choice for those who need to get back the lost password, it's a wellknown one preferred by most users. This tool is very effective at resetting forgotten or lost password, including admin password, normal account password. Jul 18, 2011 Best Answer: If you have forgotten what your administrator password is, you will need to reset the password in order to properly log into your computer. 1 Insert your current Windows CD into your computer's CDROM drive. 2 Press any key to start booting Windows from the CD when a separate screen opens asking you to do so.

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