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May 31, 2016 Lock screen You can customize the lock screen with images and app notifications on your Windows 10 phone. To do this, you launch Settings, choose Personalization and then select Lock screen. Here you can choose pictures from Pictures, Bing, Health and Fitness app or Facebook. The image on the lock screen is populated based on your selection. windows phone 7 start screen customize Windows Phone 8 comes with a 3sized tiles layout on the start screen. Put it to the best possible use using some of these apps that will help you customize the start screen of your Windows Phone

I want to create an application that will show some predefined message each time I unlock my Windows Phone: before or after i unlock it. If before then I want to be able to add some text to the lock screen programmatically or as an alternative to change the background image programmatically. windows phone 7 start screen customize

Aug 09, 2014 Customize your Windows Phone 8. 1 Start Screen with OneStart. OneStart is a Windows Phone 8. 1 app that taps into this feature and delivers a nice range of Start Screen background options. From creating a colorful crystal pattern to slightly blurring a photo to simply choosing a solid accent color, OneStart makes a nice first impression. Feb 15, 2012 Customizing the Start Screen. Windows Phone does not require you to use the default tile layout. You are free to add, remove, and rearrange the tiles to meet your own individual preferences. Moving a Tile. To rearrange the tiles on the Start screen. Tap and hold the tile you want to move. windows phone 7 start screen customize

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