Sharing between windows 7 and vista computers

2019-12-12 15:49 Jul 23, 2010  With three different versions of Windows being used now, youll probably find yourself trying to share files or printers between them. Today we take a look at how to share files and printers between Vista and Windows 7 machines.

Aug 13, 2010  Problem sharing files between 2 windows 7 computers? I have a windows 7 desktop computer that I am trying to setup to share folders with a windows 7 laptop. On the desktop computer I am able to share any folder, apart from those on the desktop (if I try and share these I get: you do not have permission to access). sharing between windows 7 and vista computers The key to accessing information on a peertopeer Windows network is to share folders between computers. After a folder is shared, any other user on the network can access it, using its files just like any folder on their own computer. To share a folder in Windows 7 and Windows Vista, follow these steps: Rightclick [

Mar 03, 2019 Sharing Printers between Windows 7 and XP computers Sharing a printer being hosted by a computer running 32 bit Vista or XP with a computer running 64 bit Vista is not obvious, because if you use the above method, it will not work. So how? First, you need to know the name of the computer which hosts the printer, and the name of the printer sharing between windows 7 and vista computers

Nov 13, 2010 Hello guys, I have a desktop PC with installed Windows 7 and a laptop with installed Windows Vista Home Premium SP 2. The thing is that I want to setup a network between these 2 computers in order to share files just that! Oct 26, 2009 Hi Orbital Shark, Yes the networking of Windows 7 and Vista is fully supported if you go to the network and sharing centre in windows 7 and choose Advanced networking (do not set up a Homegroup as this is windows 7 only), and either follow the instructions to join an existing network or to create a new home network. Dec 24, 2009  I want to share files between 3 computers. One of the vista computers is connected to the network via network cable and the other 2 are connected via wireless. I was wondering if there were anyways to share files between the computers. I have tried using the homegroup feature on windows 7 but it basically needs all machines to be running windows 7 and currently I am having trouble and I sharing between windows 7 and vista computers

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