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2020-01-26 11:11 Start Menu 8 is perfect for all those people, since it brings the original start button back, putting it in the same place where it has always been, with the same appearance it had in previous versions. Start Menu 8 modifies the more modern Windows interface, allowing the computer to boot directly to the previous operating system image.

How can the answer be improved? 10 windows 8 start menu Apr 23, 2017 Windows 10 Start menu for Windows 7 and Windows 8. 1. Step 4: Extract the contents of downloaded RAR file to the Skins folder of ViStart. You can extract the RAR file online as well. Step 5: Rightclick on the Start orb (ViStart orb) and then click Options to open ViStart Control Panel. Step 6: Here, on the leftpane, click Style.

Jun 29, 2016  The Start Menu is the central hub for everything in Windows 10, and because of that, its default look is very stock . The good news is there are plenty of ways to customize the Start Menu 10 windows 8 start menu

Feb 12, 2015 Windows 10 Start Menu Windows 10 is definitely an improvement over 8, the Start menu especially. However, that's only by the virtue that the Windows 8 was the worst UI ever produced by Microsoft, and frankly isn't something to be proud of. Classic Shell works on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8. 1, Windows 10 and their server counterparts (Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016). Both 32 and 64bit versions are supported. The same installer works for all versions. Note: Windows RT is not supported. Customized Start Menu for Win 810. Some Windows 810 users might not get used to the new style of start menu. Start Menu 8 can help them change their system default start menu and bring back Win7 style start menu, and easily switch start icon at will. 10 windows 8 start menu The only thing wrong with it (in my opinion) is that the start menu has changed again: It's nice to use on a desktop, but as my laptop is touchscreen, I find it somewhat annoying to use. I know that the start menu in Windows 10 is still touchoriented, but it's still annoying as I had got used to the start screen in Windows 8. Nov 08, 2018 Start Menu 8 is a desktop customizer which helps you to disable the Windows 8 tiled desktop and bring back the start button and start menu for Windows 8 and 8. 1. Upon deployment, the application immediately removes the Windows 8 tilebased menu and introduce the Start button and menu without having to go through some complicated steps. Aug 04, 2015  To make the Start menu look like Windows 10, rightclick on the ViStart icon in the system tray and select Options from the popup menu. The Control Panel dialog box displays. On the Style screen, select a style from the Which start menu would you like? dropdown list.

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