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2019-12-08 13:33 Jul 25, 2016 Can't view folder in Explorer (but can see in Command Prompt) Silly me. While attempting to remove the Camera Roll and Saved Pictures Folders from my Pictures library on Win10 Pro desktop PC, one of my personal folders became nonviewable in Explorer.

I see how to launch many other programs from a batch file, but I can't find a command like open on Mac OS X. Does such a tool exist on Windows? Powershell, or a Windows API call from an executable How do I open an Explorer window in a given directory from cmd. exe? [closed How to find the mysql data directory from command line in windows. windows explorer folder view command line The first part of this is easy: explorer, dirname How do I programmatically change the fol Stack Exchange Network Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q& A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to

select [object selects the file or folder in the new explorer window; Opens a new singlepane Window for the default selection. This is usually the root of the drive on which Windows is installed. e Starts Windows Explorer using its default view. root Opens a window view of the specified object. windows explorer folder view command line

Jul 05, 2017  How to Open an Explorer Window from the Command Prompts Current Directory. Say youre in the Command Prompt, working with files and folders, and you want to access them in Explorer. Instead of navigating to them manually, you can get there with one simple command. Go ahead and open up a Command Prompt window by hitting WindowsX and selecting Command Prompt from the Mar 13, 2002  Windows Explorer offers several commandline switches that can control the way it works. For example, by default, Windows Explorer opens the My Documents folder, but you can use a Jul 14, 2016 File Explorer command line arguments in Windows 10. If you omit the folder path, Windows 10 opens the Documents folder with This PC selected on the left or Quick Access. In very old Windows versions like XP, this switch made Explorer open a new window without the folder tree on the left. In Windows 10, 8, 7, it does not hide the left area. windows explorer folder view command line and Windows Explorer will open to the folder location that you were in at the command prompt, and display it's contents. If you want Windows Explorer to open the parent folder of the current location, just type. start. . In the below screenshot, the root of C: \ is the parent folder of Windows.

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