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2019-12-08 10:25 May 13, 2018 Title: Setting up shared folders in Windows XP Description The following guide outlines the steps taken to setup a file share on a Windows XP system. You

Jul 15, 2002  Create and control shared folders in Windows XP. However, getting file sharing to work on a Windows XP computer that is a member of a workgroup can make for a shared folder windows 7 and xp Sep 12, 2017 Oddly enough, we have been able to get the 95 machine folder share to show up on our Windows 7 computer and we can put files onto the 95 folder from the Windows 7 machine, but we cannot access the Windows 7 share from the Win 95 machine. This appears to be somewhat expected, but this connection is not very reliable.

Sharing Files In Windows 7 and XP. Sharing folders between two Windows 7 machines with the new HomeGroup feature is an easy process, but the HomeGroup feature is not compatible with Vista or XP. For this tutorial we are using Windows 7 x64 RC1 and XP Professional SP3 connected through a basic Linksys home wireless router. shared folder windows 7 and xp

I have multiple Windows 7 machines within a Workgroup. There are Windows 7 Pro and Home Premium editions. I also have a Windows XP Pro machine that I am using as a type of server for sharing folders and files for the users. I have set the computers up with user names and passwords on both the Try creating a mapped drive to the folder on the XP Sep 01, 2010 Windows 7: File Sharing Between XP and W7 (and vice versa) File Sharing Between Windows 7 and XP Network Computers. How to Share Folders Between Windows 7 and XP Network. One of the questions we hear most on this forum is regarding networking a Windows 7 Computer and a Windows XP Computer, and it has come to my attention that How can the answer be improved? shared folder windows 7 and xp Apr 17, 2018 Fixes a problem on Windows XPbased client computers that cannot access shared files or computers on a network. You cannot access shared files and folders or browse computers in the workgroup with Windows XP. How to configure file sharing in Windows XP. Dec 20, 2009  Kill password sharing in windows 7. Right mouse on the LAN in Win7, open network change advanced. Select turn off password sharing. Make sure turn network discovery and file sharing are on. Create a folder in XP share it. Tick simple file sharing if its off (my computer tools folder

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