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2019-10-17 01:43 Aug 15, 2013 4 of the Best Personal Wikis to Keep You Organized. Joel Lee August 15, 2013 5 minutes. 4 of the Best Personal Wikis to Keep You Organized. escaping HTML characters using xx works on Android but not on Windows. Use& # NNN; instead, which works on both Windows and Android. Reply. Diana B. Santos. August 20, 2013 at 7: 58 am

Wiki's are perfect for a team of multiple people collaboratively editing information (Wikipedia is the quintessential example of this) but a wiki can also be useful to an individual: as a personal personal wiki android windows Use plaintext files for the wiki articles. Have desktop Windows version, and mobile version (Windows Mobile or Android). Can be used in portable mode on USB memory sticks. Use simple Wiki markup (better still legible text Markdown format). Provide autogenerated TOC of sections in wiki articles. Still under active development.

Applications. Personal Knowbase Windows Commercial Freeform notetaking organizer. Planz Windows MIT Provides a single, integrative documentlike view of personal information as an overlay to the user's file system. Tabbles Windows Freemium Tagging personal wiki android windows

Jul 04, 2017 But a lot of wiki software is bloated with features that are cumbersome to use on a personal level. I would suggest that you choose a cloudbased knowledge management software (such as ProProfs) to power your personal wiki instead of a Windowsbased knowledge management tool. I'd recommend to use a classic wiki on a PHP server. If you choose wisely, you can use a wiki with no SQL database, and synchronise the data between your server and your phone (or directly edit online). It means you'll be able to edit the text files of your wiki with any of the 3000 text editor available for android. Looking for a good personal wiki (self. software) submitted 3 years ago by Nick2129 I want this wiki to be: free self hosted or having file on the system itself I need to be able to make different sections in it. personal wiki android windows Sep 24, 2010 Ema Personal Wiki for Android (and Windows) Ema Personal Wiki is a notebook with linkable pages for tracking your ideas, information, todo lists, tasks, bookmarks, projects, notes, brainstorms in short, your life in the most flexible way. Singleuser wiki software. Notable examples of such software include: ConnectedText is a commercial Windowsbased personal wiki system with many advanced features, including: full text searches, visual link tree, customizable interface, image and file control, CSSbased page display, exports to HTML and HTML Help, and plugins.

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