Audio services not running windows 8.1

2019-10-17 01:39 Jan 24, 2015 on my HP allinone computer, windows 8. 1 was auto installed the sound worked fine for a day, now it doesnt also, i cant access the control panel how can i fix this, and where can i get a free update or audio device?

For the last two days, my computer has been completely unable to start Windows Audio service. As such, my computer is completely incapable of audio services not running windows 8.1 See if that starts the service if not then you can download the latest audio driver for your notebook from here: Realtek HighDefinition (HD) Audio Driver. Also there is a lot of useful information on this thread from microsoft. The Audio service is not running. How to Fix Sound not Working in Windows 8. 1

May 03, 2014 I bought a brand new HP Envy 14 with Windows 8. 1 installed. Everything worked great until suddenly the audio stopped working. I clicked on the speaker icon which is supposed to start the services required to play audio but it went into trouble shooting mode and told me one of two audio devices did not start . audio services not running windows 8.1

Mar 15, 2014 audio service constantly quitting after updating to 8. 1 Just updated my Lenovo Yoga 13 to Windows 8. 1 and now the audio service constantly is stopped. I go into Services and made sure it was set to automatic. Mar 10, 2015  Solved: the audio service is not running, windows 8. 1. The first thing I would try is turn on the audio service. Press the windows key R to open the run box then type Services. msc scroll down to windows audio right click and choose properties set Apr 13, 2012 The Audio Service is not running I started up my computer a couple days ago to find that my sound wasn't working at all. When I hovered over the volume icon it says The Audio Service is not running and when I try to have Windows 7 troubleshoot, it says one or more audio service isn't running and that the problem has not been audio services not running windows 8.1 Feb 26, 2015 I had recently updated Microsoft Windows and after the restart, I found that the audio notification icon had the error or no audio icon. I hovered over it and it said The Audio Service is not running. I had recently scanned my computer using AVG and it had quarantined Dec 31, 2015 Regarding the The Audio service is not running issue, please first try start the Windows Audio service by the steps below: 1. Click the Start Button, type services. msc (without quotation marks) in the Search Bar and press Enter to start Services. 2. In the right pane, please check whether the Windows Audio service is started. 3. Jul 30, 2015 Fix your Audio Service not running issue by using one of the three methods shown in the video in under 3 minutes with subtitles! How To Fix Audio Service is Not Running on Windows 8 or

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