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2020-02-18 19:43 Installing Git. This option makes sure that Git converts LF to CRLF when checking out text files. When committing text files, CRLF will also be converted to LF. This is a compatibility measure to protect newlines in text files, allowing you to easily work with text files on Windows and on Unixstyle platforms.

Dec 19, 2017  Install Git on Windows. 4. Go through the default installation process until you get to Choosing the default editor used by Git. The default Use Vim maybe too hard to use for you if you dont already know Vim. Choose Nano or Notepad which are easier to use. 5. Choose Use Git and optional Unix Tools. git windows problems Nov 11, 2015 I am running Windows 10 64but may be because I use a Microsoft account not a local account but not sure about that. But git installs got doesn't. It will install in a different location which it suggests in git but won't install in the programs folder.

I am running Git on my Windows 8 vm. I have Git bash working no problem with bitbucket. However, I just want to use Command Prompt. I can run git commands from Command Prompt but for some reason it feels like the ssh keys are out of sync, almost if the command prompt is trying to use something other than what bash is using. git windows problems

Problems with paths that include both unicode characters and spaces# 2136 opened Mar 25, 2019 by monoblaine 1 of 1 Nested submodules incompatible between Git for Windows and Git on Bash. git git windows problems

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