Wds stuck on windows is loading files

2019-11-21 17:19 Nov 08, 2010 Hi Was wondering if someone can help. We have a bare bone customised image of WIndows 7 enterprise on a new WDS server we created. It runs on Server 2008 R2 so has the extra features of WDS such as driver injection but when we boot via PXE on a few laptops and choose the image, it begins the progress bar but then just says windows is loading files and just hangs there.

WDS capture stuck at windows is loading files image. wim. You are best posting this to a WDS forum as ConfigMgr does not use the capture image methodology that native WDS does. Speaking of which though, why are you using native WDS instead of MDT? MDT is far more powerful and is actually easier to use than native WDS. wds stuck on windows is loading files Feb 09, 2011  Hi guys, we've just started messing around with WDS and seem to have it working on most PCs but we have a certain type of computer that has this same problem (hanging at the end of the Windows is loading files screen) the motherboard (which has the LAN card on is an AsRock 775i65G I've tried updating the BIOS to the latest version to see if that would help but so far not done

Update: I shutdown the WDS server to make sure it wasn't loading files from it still. Seems it's not. Fixing it from the server side is likely impossible. Also I'm trying to stand this WDS server up. The configuration is entirely new. So it's likely that I did screw up something on the server side wds stuck on windows is loading files

Hi, I'm trying to deploy Windows 7 x64 using WDS with MDT2010 on a HP Compaq Pro 4300. When i boot into Windows PE, it hangs while loading the boot image Windows is loading files and gets stuck. Oct 01, 2012 Windows stuck at loading files, cant run repair. Ever since I got a power outage friday my PC has been stuck at loading files, so today I managed to get my hands on the Windows instalation DVD, the problem is that I simply cant run the repair, not even using the DVD, directly through Windows it simply gets stuck on loading files, no mater Home Forums Client Operating Systems Windows 7 Windows Deployment services hangs at windows is loading files This topic contains 0 replies, has 1 voice, and was last updated by wds stuck on windows is loading files Jul 30, 2008 When selecting one of them, the boxes load down the image into their RAM, we can see the progress bar, the text Windows is loading files and our WDS Server IP. When the progressbar reaches the end and is fully filled white, the boxes HANG! Nothing happens no error, nothing in WDS logs

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