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2019-09-15 15:43 Sep 10, 2011 Figured it out. If you delete the icon from your taskbar, open the program, then pin from there it works. Just make sure the program is open when you pin and it should work.

Issues with Windows 7 Taskbar and Firefox Portable As many of you know, the taskbar in Windows 7 works a little differently than Windows in the past. If you pin an application to the taskbar, it doesn't go away when you close the app. pin firefox to taskbar windows 7 Aug 23, 2010  To pin a specific program to Windows 7 taskbar, just drag and drop the shortcut onto it, or rightclick on the program icon and click on pin to taskbar. . However, you may notice the limitations that some system folders such as Computer, Recycle Bin etc cannot be pinned directly to the taskbar.

May 12, 2014 RightClick the desktop shortcut and select Pin to TaskBar , or simply drag the Firefox icon to the taskbar. Now I have a oneclick icon on my Win 7 task bar that will open Firefox to both my inventory and my open tickets. pin firefox to taskbar windows 7

Jim, in case it isn't clear it only adds the pinned taskbar shortcut on install app update for one user and only one time which is intentional. This prevents us from accidentally adding it back when a user chooses to remove the pinned taskbar shortcut. When Firefox is set as the default browser it will always try to pin Firefox to the taskbar. Jan 12, 2017 Mine shows Unpin from taskbar because it is pinned, otherwise it would show Pin to taskbar. Hard Drives: 240GB SSD) C: 1TB (HDD) D: 4TB (USB HDD) G: 4TB (USB HDD) H: 4TB (USB HDD) I: I rightclicked the icon in Start, All Programs then click the More arrow to get a submenu which shows Pin to Taskbar. Aug 05, 2017 how do i pin a shortcut to the taskbar in windows 10. 6 replies When I drag a webpage shortcut to the Taskbar, Windows 7 offers to add it to the jump list for the pinned Firefox shortcut. That's the list which appears when I rightclick the icon. On Windows 7; Open Firefox. Make sure the icon is 'pinned' to the taskbar. Now open the pin firefox to taskbar windows 7 Ideally, Windows 7 should automatically pin those applications to the Taskbar which are most frequently used by users. This is confirmed by an entry in the Mozilla Bugzilla Bug Pin to taskbar when setting as default browser on Windows 7 . This is what the Bug report says: By default there is no quick launch bar in windows 7. Jun 27, 2014 Firefox Pin to Taskbar icon wont open in it's own icon. Wish I had a better title, but I wasn't sure how to word this. Basically what's happening is I have 2 instances of Firefox (different versions and different folder locations) and one of the instances is not opening where it's icon location is. Firefox stops using a pinned icon on Windows 7 taskbar every time it is updated. The problem is that all proposed solutions require some actions (unpin, then pin again) every time Firefox is updated. It would not be a big problem if I did not use additional command line arguments for Firefox. Aug 27, 2011 How do I get a firefox websie pin to the taskbar? I try to drag it, but it will now show at the taskbar. firefox websites won't pin to taskbar How do I get a firefox websie pin to the taskbar? I try to drag it, but it will now show at the taskbar. Windows 7 Ease of access; Answer CmdrKeene Replied on August 27, 2011.

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