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2019-12-07 16:12 Software RAID 0, 1, 5 or JBOD Using Windows XP Pro SP3. Pick the type of RAID. The first step is to decide what type of RAID will be needed. This can be done by looking at my article describing the different types of RAID that are available in Windows XP Pro. Note, if RAID 1 or 5 is chosen there will need to be some modified files installed

Are there any good softwarebased RAID 1 mirroring alternatives to Windows 7 Computer Management? Ask Question 3. I only have Windows 7 Home Premium, not Professional, so the mirroring option isn't available in Computer Management. Also, because it was Windows XP going from nonRAID to RAID was proving to be very difficult. I set up a software mirror raid 1 windows xp I've heard from a few of the experts here on EE that there is a way to make Windows XP run a software based Raid system. I've searched on the net, and I've been unable to find any information about it.

Feb 03, 2011 Thanks for the response. I'm not sure if there is a RAID driver for the software implementation. There's not a RAID folder and neither the System folder nor the Diskdrive folder contain anything that's obvious. So, I must have it included in one of the default driver packages if there is one. After more experimentation, I did get this to work. software mirror raid 1 windows xp

I have heard, that it should be somehow possible to use just one partition with Windows XP, and be able to mirror that by enabling RAID 1 in XP. I'd appreciate tips how to do this. If this is true Jul 09, 2009 software RAID1 in XP. Archived Forums I have a Dell GX280 machine with XP on which I want to setup RAID1 (mirroring). I have installed two extra hard disks in the PC. now all I need to do is to configure them in RAID 1. In xp, RAID 0 is enabled but I dont want RAID 0, I want RAID 1. Please help. thank you. Jan 08, 2009  A mirrored volume, also known as a RAID1 volume, is a faulttolerant volume that duplicates data on two different physical disks. Mirrored volumes are supported on software mirror raid 1 windows xp I had 2 SATA drives with Raid 0 setup for OS. I added two 200GB hd for data storage. I want to mirror the drives but I can't do it with software raid within Windows XP. I just needs to know if XP support Mirror or not. Only options I found are Simple, Spanned and Striped. I think leew might be right about XP does not support software raid 1. Aug 14, 2005 How to enable software RAID (mirroring) in Windows XP Details Created: 14 August 2005 I recently installed Windows XP on a system with two hard drives, intending to use the drives as mirrors. I then found out, much to my surprise, that mirroring is not enabled in Windows XP, not even in the socalled professional (? ) version. Establishing Feb 05, 2012 After testing the manual patching method for this software RAID hack for Windows XP 32bit version in February 2012 I found that it still works. For RAID 1, once the mirror is completely generated, the mirror is stable and is not broken on reboot. Rebooting prior to completion of the initial sync generation will cause the mirror to be broken How to Setup a Raid 1 Using Windows XP: Im using this guide for myself too. Most of the time Im forgetting things. I may come back and update this if I miss a step. There are different type of raid. Do most of us use them. This guide will only show you how to setup raid 1 mirror drive

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