Only google works on my internet windows 8

2019-09-21 04:25 Jun 26, 2016 Only Google Works other sites not loading, internet not working Mac Showing 14 of 4 messages. Except, not only was the problem with using Wifi in the house, but the problem was also with my local PC (windows 10), connected via cable ethernet.

Nov 20, 2016 Connected to network, only google website works I just installed windows 7 on my computer. I am able to connect to my wireless routernetwork, however the ONLY thing I can access on the internet is google. com or gmail. com (that i know of). only google works on my internet windows 8 For some reason, I can connect to the internet via Firefox on one of my computers, but I cannot connect to the internet via Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. The computer is connected via an internal wireless adapter, and I can connect using IEChrome fine on the computer with a hard line to the router.

Aug 02, 2016  Working in Windows 10. My internet connection (wireless) shows that I'm connected, but will only load Google's webpage and no problems came up only google works on my internet windows 8

Feb 21, 2016 My internet is connected and works. No web pages work except Google YouTube facebook. Steam doesn't work either I can only chat my friends on steam. I reset my router I've tried netsh ipv4 commands tried dnsflush commands, my ipv4 and 6 settings are on automatic. Please help I can't fix my internet! When connecting to the router via wireless only Google can be accessed. I've done searches via Google using random words to make sure that it is not a cached page, and these all work. However, trying to connect to any non Google domain the page fails to load. I've accessed the connection with two different laptops, both are running Windows Vista. Feb 28, 2012 Only IE Works, bt chrome, firefox dsn't work. Hi friends. . My Prob is that in my pc, only internet explorer waorks but google chrome and firefox does not works. m in problem please help me as soon as possible when i try to open a page through chrome or firefox, , then windows appears that shows chrome or firefox cant locate the only google works on my internet windows 8 Aug 14, 2016 Ive been using a computer from toshiba for a while and it suddenly stops be from using other sites but it lets me use google and youtube. Im connected to the internet when this happens. None of my other devices have this problem when connected. When i wait for a page to load it says no data received. Help pls Dec 26, 2017 Internet connected, but only Google. com works? Hello, I literally just opened my new Samsung Ativ Book 9 plus and am having an issue with the Internet. The box says it came with Windows 8. 1. The computer is saying I'm connected to the Internet, but only Google. com is working on both IE and Chrome. On other websites I'm getting the message This Dec 06, 2018 Other browsers work just fine, only Chrome is bugging. Voice chats and internet games work too. I'm able to use Chrome for some 2060 minutes, then it just all of a sudden stops working. It infinitely loads pages, with that spinning ring in the left side of tab grey. So far only working fix for this has been rebooting computer. Dec 21, 2013 After using my mac for a while, the internet stops working, as If I had no internet. But for some reason, google still works. This means I can search for websites and images in google and acess youtube (altough the videos do not load) Every other site is offline.

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