Windows 8.1 uefi boot problem

2019-10-20 13:03 Jul 22, 2014 I have just checked and saw that has new UEFI bootloader and most of the PCs does not recognize it. Yet 8. 1 boots fine with UEFI. Can I replace the UEFI bootloaders to get proper UEFI support with? To be more specific, for example, my 2014 BIOS updated Rampage IV Gene mobo can boot 8. 1 USB via UEFI but can not detect USB as UEFI.

Fixing a Corrupted UEFI Partition in Windows 8 or 8. 1. Exit DiskPart tool (Enter EXIT) Next, we need to change to the boot folder on the UEFI volume. Change to the UEFI volume into the boot folder. Depending on the way Windows was installed this path maybe one of the following. windows 8.1 uefi boot problem Aug 02, 2016 [FIXED UEFI Missing In Windows 8 Or 8. 1? How To Get Into BIOS How to Fix a Boot Up Problem Enabling a UEFI Boot with Secure Boot After the Windows 7 to Windows 10 Upgrade Duration:

Aug 24, 2014  Why do you want to switch to UEFI? the reason it does not boot of the DVD is that the DVD does not support booting in UEFI mode and therefore also will not do a UEFI installation. Systems that support UEFI require that boot partition must reside on windows 8.1 uefi boot problem

The instructions you need to follow are: Insert your original Windows 88. 110 installation disc or installation USB. Boot from the disc or the USB. At the Install now screen, click Repair your computer or press R Windows 8 Repair Your Computer Menu. Click Troubleshoot. Click Advanced options. Click Command Prompt. Jun 24, 2014 Page 1 of 10 Windows 8. 1 (UEFI Boot) Issues posted in Windows 8: I have a very harrowing issue that I havent been able to resolve for literally months I first noticed the problem when I was trying to implement VHD boot. The boot menu took very long to appear (instead of a few seconds, a few minutes); and after selecting a VHD boot entry, the computer would appear to freeze for about 20 Nov 09, 2014 If you have Windows 8 or Windows 8. 1 you could only take advantage of these features if you have UEFI which enhance your protection. After you boot into your Windows 8. 1 PC, then you could connect VHD and boot in HyperV, without changing BIOS setting. windows 8.1 uefi boot problem Apr 06, 2019  Windows 8. 1 only boots with legacy mode , UEFI boot doesn't work Well hello, I recently had to perform a factory reset on my laptop with a USBflashdrive and had some problems doing so. I eventualy got it to work but in order to do so I had to make the system boot Nov 11, 2013 windows 8. 1 uefi install. Thread just so i understand, if i go on with my upgrade through store the uefi setup will stay as is with no problems that is what your saying? switch to the second bios of teh gpu did that cause the inability to boot i had my first boot choice was by default a windows boot manager and sometimes it hanged and Jun 24, 2014 Page 7 of 10 Windows 8. 1 (UEFI Boot) Issues posted in Windows 8: Yes, good question. This particular bug I defused by discovering that in fact, the WIM file I was booting from was not the WinRE WIM, but a full disk image that I was running off of live. So your question is really good; because it nails the issue headon. This issue has been resolved.

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