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2019-09-21 04:30 Jul 03, 2016  We released a first version of a user. js file for Firefox that concentrated on privacy and security settings back in 2015. It was the most comprehensive undertaking of its kind back then, and was made possible by Ghacks regular Pants who spend months researching entries and

Advanced about: config and user. js. As per the warning, theres no need to edit this file if you intend to solely use about: config (and if it does become necessary for whatever reason, close all Firefox windows before doing so, otherwise changes made may be overwritten). Alternatively, you can store custom preferences in the user. js file, firefox user.js windows Feb 09, 2019  Single profile installation. With this installation method, if you change any of user. js settings through about: config or Firefox preferences dialogs, they will be reset to the user. js defined values after you restart Firefox. This makes sure they're

I would, however, like to reply to the message from jscher2000. I do mean the tiles on the tab page based upon my history as I found that feature very useful when opening up firefox each day. They are now disappearing at shutdown and my question is how can I stop this from happening. Should I try to find user. js and pref. js and delete them? firefox user.js windows

Apr 30, 2017  Firefox 53: new preferences and Ghacksuser. js changes. Mozilla released Firefox 53 on April 19, 2017 to the public. The new stable version of the web browser shipped with quite a few important changes. For one, Mozilla dropped support for Windows XP and Vista, 32bit Mac OS X, and Linux distributions running on older processors. The second big change was the removal of the Dec 15, 2017 Will have to try some of the prefs that I have been setting for years via user. js. I'm hoping that moving the cache folder works as before; I put the cache for almost all my Firefox Profiles on a separate logical drive to reduce the need for and that amount of time it takes to defrag the C: drive. Nice that with Linux defrag isn't needed. firefox user.js windows

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